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Eek...Hospitals...Definitely Not One Of My Favorite Places



I know there have been a lack of posts this week and presumably since I’m unemployed I should have lots of time to post. True and untrue. This week, however, has been particularly busy because I was blessed to have my mom visit for a few days this week. This week in general has also been pretty jam packed. With the motivation of my mother here I felt compelled to complete a number of things on my “to do” list.

One major chore I got accomplished this week was the tour of my new delivery hospital, Providence Hospital. It was definitely good for me to have the experience and be able to feel a little more comfortable with my “choice” to change hospitals (some of you will recall it was less of a choice and more of an insurance issue). Nonetheless, I felt like it was important to familiarize myself with the hospital and it’s practices, as the previous 6 months I have been preparing myself for a different hospital. Visiting Providence I had a few pros and cons that I compiled, but overall I do feel that I can have a positive experience there.


  • While I was assured at both hospitals that I would not be left in the hallway to give birth, Providence Hospital  has more delivery rooms than Georgetown University Hospital.
  • Providence Hospital is not a teaching hospital, which could be listed under a pro or con really, but I’ll just say that means I will be treated by MDs and not residents. I will take this as a positive because I am sure that the less people are in the room the more comfortable I will personally feel.
  • Similar to GUH, and I’d like to assume most labor and delivery wards, Providence Hospital has a locked section where they require people to be buzzed into the ward. Although I haven’t had many fears about my baby being snatched it is comforting to know that this precaution has been taken.
  • Providence Hospital uses midwives in addition to their doctors. This is definitely a positive as I hope I will have someone around (aside from my mother) who will act in a more holistic way in my birthing experience and not just be trying to jam unnecessary medicines into me or perform unnecessary procedures.


  • While the facilities were not what I would call dirty by any means they definitely were not as pristine as GUH. I am assuming this has to do with GUH having a much newer facility and being a much larger hospital because of it’s association with the University.
  • Not such a big deal, but I saw them carting out a finished meal from a recovery room and it did NOT look appetizing. When I took the tour of GUH Labor & Delivery with my birthing class one of the options they touted was their catered meals. Definitely not a big issue as I’m sure eating will be near the bottom of my concerns, but the food didn’t look good. Maybe I can get B to bring me something different.
  • Providence Hospital is a Catholic hospital. Although this does not particularly affect me, they do not perform tubal litigations or offer birth control to mothers after delivery. I plan to get my birth control from Mary’s Center anyway, however I do have a problem with the religious associations of a hospital having any say in my care. Most women who want tubal litigation performed are likely to have it done while at the hospital recovering from a birth, so the fact that they refuse to do this operation is problematic to me from a moral standpoint.
  • GUH does not have a nursery. Providence Hospital does. My tour guide (obviously not her correct title, but I wasn’t sure of her position) reassured me and my mother that the nursery was not used as it had been used in the “olden days,” where the baby would be housed there for the majority of the time, but was simply the space where the doctor saw them and gave them their standard post-birth check-up. At GUH all this is performed within my room because they advocate maximum time for mom and baby to have skin-to-skin contact. I was told that the check ups last for only a few hours and B and my mother would be allowed to go over and stay with baby, but I think I personally preferred the check ups be done in my room.

GUH has a much better website, but I’ve provided links to both below:

I think were it not for my insurance dilemma, I would have been quite comfortable remaining at GUH for my delivery. However, seeing as that is not the case I am not at all unhappy with the facilities and services I saw at Providence Hospital. I think everything will be up to par and I will receive adequate care. Perhaps for my next child (if I can get through pregnancy/labor/etc. of baby #1) I will look into out of hospital options, as long as I remain as healthy as I am now, but for now I am satisfied.


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This little box cannot contain me, but I'll give it a shot: Black college grad, mother-to-be, broke, educator, activist & writer embarking on a new journey. Trying to document this crazy world surrounding me in hopes of retaining/gaining sanity.
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3 Responses to Hospital Tour

  1. Have you considered hiring a doula so you’ll definitely have someone experienced by your side who will advocate for your holistic views?

    Also, bring your own food to the hospital! Seriously, it might not seem like a big deal now, but it’s at least 2 days there and eating crap can sure make you feel like crap. We had a fridge in our room and there was a larger fridge and microwave across the hall. And you can always get delivery from someplace decent too!

  2. Samantha says:

    I agree with frugalveganmom! Bring your own food. Hospital food is not the best no matter who ya are. I am impressed with your thorough investigation of the two hospitals and I do think Providence will work out just as well as the GUH. Coming from a family of physician brothers and sis-in-laws, I always prefer a teaching hospital, but that is a personal bias of mine and has nothing to do with how good or bad the facility. I also always packed my own pajamas, etc., because the hospital attire is lacking to say the least. I brought makeup and toiletries of my own and basic supplies for the baby (although the hospital will also provide minimal baby supplies). I’m glad you got a breast pump, but I’m wondering what type it is. Is it electric? Does it allow ‘double pumping’? I always used Medela (which are very expensive to buy, but I rented). I had a hand pump I received as a gift and used it at home when I didn’t feel like dragging out the Medela.

    • Brickhouse says:

      Yeah, while I’m not a particularly picky eater I will most likely be asking B to pack some fruit and other favorites for me. I didn’t see a fridge or microwave available, but I’m sure if it comes down to it I can order some food. I have looked up some doulas and while I found one provider that would have given me free access I have surpassed the time in my pregnancy where I am eligible. I would love to have a doula on hand, but I doubt I will have the extra resources to afford one. I have started pre-packing my hospital bag and I think I would prefer to bring most of my own things…we’ll see how it turns out the day of though! I actually have 2 breast pumps (yay for gifts) a manual one and an electric one on the way, i don’t believe the electric is a double pumper I’m not sure though. I figured they would be necessary for when I eventually (hopefully) return to work, as well as to allow B to be more involved in the feedings.

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