Insurance Woes Cont…


After an entire day wasted trying to contact my insurance and get my plan changed I was informed that it would be very unlikely that they would allow me to change my insurance. So 8+ months into my pregnancy I am switching doctors AND the hospital which I will deliver.

Definitely not the worst that could have happened, but a slightly unnecessary stress nonetheless. Those people who do not believe there is a need for healthcare reform obviously have better insurance than most. I still am dealing with claims from my two previous insurance companies and what a hassle.

I was searching wordpress and found a place that looked ideal on Radical Doula; supportive of natural births, pregnancy support circles, available doulas, accepts my insurance, etc….but I am too far along in my pregnancy. Womp, Womp. Next time? Ha… Let me just focus on getting this little tadpole out!

Luckily I was able to appeal to the sympathies of the midwife I had been seeing in October to accept me back to Mary’s Center. Phew. What a relief!! My whole birth plan has been uprooted, but I genuinely like her bedside manner and their new clinic is easily accessible from my house, so no more 3-4 hour bus rides for doctor’s appointments. I guess I should have never left. Live and learn.

However, now I need to figure out the new hospital I will be delivering at (Providence Hospital) and their rules/procedures. I will try and make an appointment next week to go and have a tour of the Labor & Delivery wing and hopefully allay any fears about the switch. On the bright side I found out my little tadpole is positioned with his head down. Of course this could change in the next 5-6 weeks, but I will take that as a positive sign. Perhaps I should take these occurrences, which I have perceived as roadblocks,  as an alignment of the stars or something and everything will turn out fine.


About Brickhouse

This little box cannot contain me, but I'll give it a shot: Black college grad, mother-to-be, broke, educator, activist & writer embarking on a new journey. Trying to document this crazy world surrounding me in hopes of retaining/gaining sanity.
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4 Responses to Insurance Woes Cont…

  1. Hey Brick,

    Saw your comment on my blog, dude I feel for you with the insurance hassles – the system is so messed up in this country. My coverage is pretty good, but they try to charge me for seriously every routine pre-natal visit that are supposed to be 100% covered – and every time a different excuse, so infuriating that they probably screw lots of people over this way.

    Anyway good luck with everything, hope to hear some pregnancy and birth stories from you!


    • Brickhouse says:

      Yeah, I’ve been dealing with insurance issues since I got my first job that provided me with insurance, which was government insurance, yet I still am dealing with ER visits they refused to cover! It’s unfortunate that a lot of times (which is probably going to be my case) people have to suck up the charges and fees rather than deal with the bureaucracy that the insurance companies put you through. Thanks for the well wishes and I hope things continue to go smoothly for me–I am hoping for a beautiful, natural birth story like yours 🙂 !

  2. Samantha says:

    I’m dealing with some of my own insurance woes, but I’m not currently pregnant. I spent 2 hours on the phone (most on hold) to get the issue worked out. They assured me things were all taken care of. Low and behold, two weeks later I receive a letter about the SAME PROBLEM! I’ll be on the phone for more hours tomorrow. Pah!

    Also, I honor you for your natural birth plans. I don’t think I could have done it with any of my four deliveries.

  3. I am on both sides of the insurance companies as a customer and a practitioner, and both sides really suck. It wasn’t always like this, but over the last ten years it has become a job in and of itself to get them to pay for most things, even though as customers we are required to pay them regularly and on time. Hopefully things will get better with reform.

    In the meantime, hang in there. Make copies of anything you send them in writing. Anything you fax, you should also mail. Send everything mailed by certified mail. It will save you grief in the future, I promise.

    Also, good luck with the delivery. I had a dula present, and I must say I do not know how people do it without a familiar supportive presence there.

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